California knows what climate change looks like. Wildfires, rising ocean tides and shifting weather patterns threaten communities, property and the Golden State’s natural wonders. But how to respond?

That question and more will be the focus of a daylong virtual conference at Chapman University, where scientists, scholars and thought leaders will gather on Wednesday, April 7, for Chapman’s sixth Annual Public Policy Conference.

The conference, called Fighting Climate Change, will focus its conversations on the responsible steps the state’s leaders need to take now to ensure a greener and safer future in the next 50 years, says conference organizer Fred Smoller, Ph.D., professor of political science.

Discussing Sustainable Solutions

“Californians have struggled to translate our desire to stop or mitigate climate change into real action and sustained progress. And we have yet to consider all the ways that pursuing this fight will reshape our communities and regions in economy, in culture and especially in governance,” Smoller said.

Register for the Free Event

Supported by a grant from Fieldstead and Company and hosted by Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, the annual conference is free and open to the public.

To see the full conference schedule and details about each of the panels and reservation information, please visit the Fighting Climate Change conference site.