City of Menifee logoHave you ever called 911 from your cell phone intending to get your local police department, but instead were transferred to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)? You’re not alone.  

Although CHP will get you to your local police department, there will be a short transfer delay. Reaching  CHP happens due to the location of cell towers. The cell tower system uses information from the primary cell tower, cell tower triangulation, and GPS information from the cell phone. Although this technology is amazing, if the 911 caller is on or near a freeway, there is a high likelihood the call will be routed to CHP. 

Today, we have a solution to ensure you get Menifee PD if you’re calling Menifee PD in an emergency, from your cell phone. We created a 10-digit emergency number you can use from your cell phone.  The new 10-digit number is 951-894-6530. This number will be answered in the same manner as our existing 911 lines.  

YOU CAN STILL USE 911. The new number does not change 911 calls in any way, and our non-emergency number, 951-677-4964, is still active and available. 

Please program the new 10-digit number, 951-894-6530, into your cell phone so it’s readily available to you if there is ever a need.