Probolsky ResearchIn partnership with PublicCEO, Probolsky Research surveyed 900 registered voters in California to discover what they think has gone right in California over the last two decades. California, along with the rest of the country, has seen drastic changes to leadership, policy priorities, voter priorities and significant challenges facing Californians since 2002. But did anything get better?

They asked: What is one public problem you think California has solved in the last 20 years?

Nearly 1 in 5 California voters said the state has solved air quality and smog issues while 15% said women’s and LGBTQ+ rights have improved. Economic opportunity and legalizing marijuana also were toward the top of the results, both securing around 9% of respondents.

What’s Gone Right in California – Probolsky Research-PublicCEO from Probolsky Research on Vimeo.



The sample was developed from the voter file compiled by the 58 California election officials. We called, emailed and texted voters. We matched the demographics of likely California Primary Election voters.


Interviews were conducted with live U.S.-based interviewers by phone (33%) and online survey methods (67%). Phone participants were interviewed through landline (36%) and mobile (64%) calls. Online participants were invited by email (50%) and text message (50%) to access the survey by computer, tablet or smart phone.

Respondents in all modes chose their preferred language, English (90%) and Spanish (10%).

Security measures precluded invidivuals from completing the survey more than once.

Survey participants: 900

About Probolsky Research

Probolsky Research, founded in 1992, is a woman and Latina-owned market and opinion research firm. We conduct research for business, election, government, non-profit, and association clients.

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