City of Grover Beach logoOn November 8, the City of Grover Beach held its General Municipal Election. Following the conclusion of the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder’s official canvass period, the elected City Council members were seated during the Council meeting on December 12. The newly elected members of the Grover Beach City Council are:

• Mayor: Karen Bright
• District 1: Robert Robert
• District 2: Daniel Rushing

In March 2022, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 22-02, establishing a four-district electoral system with an at-large Mayor who serves for a two-year term. The November 2022 election was the first election in which residents of Grover Beach voted for one City Council Member who lives in their district rather than voting for all City Council Members in a citywide election. Council Members continue to serve four-year terms that expire at staggered intervals. City Council seats in Districts 3 and 4 will be up for election in 2024.

Before the newly elected members took their oath of office, the City recognized outgoing Mayor Jeff Lee for his long standing dedication to the Grover Beach community. Lee was originally elected to the Council in 2012, then was elected Mayor in 2018 and re-elected as Mayor in 2020. In his time in office he prioritized economic recovery, street repairs, housing projects, homelessness services and public safety. Lee also was the Chair of the Five Cities Fire Authority Board.

“I appreciate the kind words that everyone has made about me, but my service to Grover has never been about me. It’s been about the residents, businesses and visitors, as well as City staff and the colleagues that I have worked with,” said Jeff Lee. “Staff has always been amazing, and they will continue to be amazing. They take our policy and implementation and turn it into action. That is the thing I am proudest of in my time in Grover Beach. We’ve become a City of action. We will continue to be a City of action. I look forward to watching from the other side of the dias as long as I am a part of the Grover Beach community that I love so much.”

Following Lee’s recognition, the incoming Council Members were sworn into office, led by City Clerk Wendi Sims.

“Thank you to my family, friends, the staff and everyone who brought us to this point. I greatly appreciate you,” said Mayor Karen Bright. “I would also like to thank Jeff Lee for all that he’s done and will continue to do for our community. Hopefully, I will be able to serve as openly and patiently as my predecessor. My phone number is on the City website so if you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to me.”

“I want to thank the people of Grover Beach for trusting me to spend another four years sitting on this Council,” said Council Member Daniel Rushing. “It has been an amazing two years with this Council so far.  I look forward to the next few years as we push forward the agenda and the goals that our Council will come up with in the next few weeks. This is an amazing group and it is an honor to serve, thank you.”

“Thank you, Grover Beach, for entrusting me with another four years,” said Council Member Robert Robert. “I look forward to serving this community. It’s going to be an exciting few years, we have a lot coming up!”

After the Council members were sworn in, new Grover Beach Mayor, Karen Bright, appointed Council Member Anna Miller as the Mayor Pro-Tem per Resolution No. 08-18. The Mayor Pro-Tem serves a one-year term after being selected by the Mayor each December. The appointee serves as the Mayor of Grover Beach if the Mayor is absent during Council meetings and other ceremonial occasions and if the Mayor does not complete the full term of office.

“I appreciate your confidence in selecting me,” said Mayor Pro Tem Ana Miller. “I will continue to serve the City well.”

Because Karen Bright was elected as the Mayor of Grover Beach, her previous seat on the City Council for District 4 is now vacant. Interested residents who reside in District 4 are encouraged to submit an application on the City’s website by December 30. The Council will interview applicants for the vacancy at the January 9, 2023 City Council meeting.

For more information about the Grover Beach City Council, visit the City’s website.