City of Grover Beach logoOn February 7, the Grover Beach Planning Commission approved a Development Application for a new mixed-use development at the corner of West Grand Avenue and 4th Street.  This project will be developed with 37 residential units and 4,700 square feet of ground floor commercial/retail space. The development will act as a pedestrian-friendly gateway that welcomes residents and visitors to the community.

“After years of developing a vision for a mixed-use space, we are excited to continue transforming West Grand Avenue into a thriving and vibrant commercial corridor,” said Grover Beach Mayor Karen Bright. “This project demonstrates Grover Beach’s commitment to providing affordable housing, fair development practices and economic prosperity for our community.”

This intersection was identified by the City’s Land Use Element and West Grand Avenue Master Plan as a key gateway intersection that welcomes both tourists and residents to the heart of Grover Beach. The 0.69-acre lot located at 402 West Grand Avenue was acquired by Coastal Community Builders in early 2022. In accordance with the Land Use Element policy and West Grand Avenue Master Plan, Coastal Community Builder’s plan includes both commercial and residential space. The approved mixed-use development plan includes:

  • A four-story building that will be approximately 42 feet high.
  • Ground level commercial space envisioned as a restaurant with outdoor dining along both West Grand Avenue and South 4th Street.
  • A rooftop deck for residents to enjoy and to potentially accommodate future outdoor commercial uses.
  • Thirty seven residential units that will be a mix of studio and two-bedroom units across all floors. The second, third and fourth floors will be residential units.
  • Forty six on-site parking spaces with an additional 11 off-street parking spaces.
  • Approximately 3,220 square feet of onsite landscaping that includes screening trees and other dense landscaping with a masonry wall adjacent to existing residences.
  • Street trees along West Grand Avenue and South 4th Street.
  • Additional curb, gutter, sidewalk and other pavement improvements along both West Grand Avenue and South 4th Street.

As this project is anticipated to advance key economic development goals, it also implements important housing element policies that reflect the City’s updated Development Code. The updated code adopted a concept known as fractional density, which provides an incentive to develop smaller units. Fractional density is permitted in all medium and high-density zones throughout the City and within commercial zones that allow mixed-use projects, such as West Grand Avenue. This approach intends to promote affordable housing by incentivizing smaller market rate units. The West Grand Ave mixed-use development project is the first to utilize this “affordable by design” concept.

To further reduce barriers to housing development, the City also employed its new Objective Design Standards, which went into effect for all new development applications after July 2022. These new design standards eliminate subjectivity in residential development and align with California’s Housing Accountability Act.

“In the past year, the Grover Beach City Council and staff prioritized economic growth and affordable housing initiatives in our City,” said Grover Beach City Manager Matt Bronson. “We are incredibly proud of how well this project aligns with our economic and housing goals outlined in our West Grand Avenue Master Plan, Land Use Element policy, Housing Element and City Council Priorities. I look forward to seeing the benefits the new mixed-use building will bring to everyone in Grover Beach.”

To learn more about upcoming projects in Grover Beach, visit the Community Development webpage.