City of Elk Grove logoElk Grove officials received a letter today from California Attorney General Rob Bonta regarding the City’s July 2022 determination that the Oak Rose Apartments, a 67-unit supportive housing project proposed in Elk Grove’s historic district, was not eligible for streamlined approval. The project did not meet objective zoning standards. The letter incorrectly alleges that the City violated state housing law. 

“Elk Grove remains committed to providing housing for all,” said Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen. “The applicant has been non-responsive to our attempts to negotiate a solution that we think offers an alternative site with similar access to amenities. The City remains open to a productive dialogue with the applicant to come to a mutually beneficial resolution.”

The City of Elk Grove is committed to affordable housing in our community. More than 1,100 new affordable housing units are currently in some form of development in Elk Grove. Nearly 800 of these units are in active construction. More than 100 units are expected to open within the next month. An additional 350+ units have entitlements or loan commitments from the City. Since January 2021, the City of Elk Grove has committed more than $13.4 million to loans for affordable housing projects within high or highest opportunity areas, including permanent supportive housing units. The City has also acquired several properties in recent years for the purpose of constructing affordable housing and will soon be seeking development partners for two sites. 

“We agree that every city must do its fair share to address the state housing crisis and Elk Grove is doing its part. We reject the notion that Elk Grove is engaged in unlawful discrimination. We remain committed to supporting solutions that balance the needs of all in the community” said Singh-Allen.