City of Lancaster logoThe cities of Lancaster and Palmdale are joining forces to fight the opioid crisis that has been devastating their communities in the Antelope Valley. Thanks to a recent lawsuit settlement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, where courts ordered Janssen and its distributors to pay $26 billion nationally. The state of California will receive an estimated $2.5 billion distributed over the next 18 years to develop and implement opioid abatement measures.
The funds will be used to provide services such as naloxone training, opioid abuse treatment, services for opioid-addicted pregnancies and treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome. This collaborative effort will ensure that all residents of the Antelope Valley have access to the resources they need to combat this crisis.
“The opioid crisis is a serious issue that requires a collective effort from our communities. We are proud to partner with the City of Palmdale to provide the resources necessary to effectively combat this epidemic. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected in the Antelope Valley,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.
The cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, in an effort to mutually work together to combat this epidemic, agree to utilize a regional service provider to facilitate the two communities with the highest impact of abatement services. “We understand that our communities are a big part of the Antelope Valley,” said Palmdale Mayor Bettencourt, “the collaboration makes sense to help all the residents in our greater community.”
The collaboration between Lancaster and Palmdale is a crucial step in the right direction to combat the opioid crisis in Antelope Valley. This crucial funding will help provide resources to those in need, while also helping to reduce the stigma of addiction.
With this collaboration, the two cities are showing a commitment to improving the lives of their residents and setting an example for other communities to follow in their efforts to battle the opioid epidemic.
To kick things off, the City of Lancaster Public Safety team will be hosting a virtual discussion regarding fentanyl abuse on Wednesday, March 1, about fentanyl awareness and safety in the community. Learn more at