The City of Hawthorne is proud to unveil its striking new city logo, a visual representation of unity, progress and community pride. Collaborating with marketing firm Tripepi Smith, the City embarked on an extensive design journey that involved input from various stakeholders across the community.

The creative process began with a comprehensive brainstorming phase, shaped by reflections on Hawthorne’s history and vibrant community. Engaging in meaningful conversations with diverse stakeholders ensured a comprehensive understanding of the City’s identity and aspirations.

Tripepi Smith designers crafted a logo that encapsulates several of Hawthorne’s landmarks, including the City’s water tower, airport and Betty Ainsworth Sports Center. It also features striking iconography that evokes a Californian setting and ties to the aviation industry. One of the logo’s most distinctive features is a rocket that swoops across the frame, symbolizing Hawthorne’s dedication to progress and innovation.

City of Hawthorne logoCity of Hawthorne logo

Following the brainstorming process, a wide range of initial design ideas were created and evaluated, and a favorite first draft was selected. Several rounds of drafting and feedback ensued, fostering a collaborative and iterative approach that allowed for the incorporation of valuable insights from Hawthorne stakeholders. This thorough process ensured the final design truly resonated with the spirit of the community.

The new City logo was presented to the Hawthorne City Council on the evening of Tuesday, April 9, marking a significant milestone in the City’s visual identity. The design reflects a modern and dynamic aesthetic, symbolizing Hawthorne’s commitment to progress and its diverse and interconnected community.

“The creation of our new City logo was a collaborative effort that spanned multiple city departments, reflecting the unity and diversity that defines Hawthorne,” said City Manager Vontray Norris. “This visual representation not only captures our City’s rich history but also sets the stage for a forward-looking future.”

The new City logo is not just a symbol; it represents Hawthorne’s ongoing journey, celebrating its heritage, embracing the opportunities of tomorrow and reaffirming the welcoming atmosphere of the City of Good Neighbors. The City looks forward to integrating the logo across various platforms, reinforcing a sense of civic pride and community identity.