In Orange County, Supervisors receive middle-of-the-road pensions. Their 2.7@55 formula, however, may become a thing of the past.

Voters will have the opportunity to set the supervisors’ pension rates, by pinning them to the lowest rate offered to any of the County employees. Should the measure pass, that would mean that supervisors elected after 2014 would only be eligible for a 1.62@67.

Of the five members on the Board, three currently take the pensions. Two have declined. The county pays any supervisor who rejects the pension an extra 1.5 percent, and contributes 8 percent into the supervisor’s 401K. The county pays the entire employee and employer share of the pension.

From the Orange County Register:

Voters in June will get a chance to require that members of the Orange County Board of Supervisors take the lowest pension option offered to county employees.

Of current board members,  two – Shawn Nelson and Patricia Bates — have rejected the county’s offer of a pension when they retire.  The other three — John MoorlachJanet Nguyen and Bill Campbell — will get county pensions.

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